Indian Marble Textures

Indian Marble Textures

India has stunning range of natural stones like Marble, Granite, Sandstone, limestone and quartz. This is the biggest manufacturer of unrefined stone matter. Royal White Marmo is the manufacturer company of Indian Marble in Rajsamand India. This company is also supplying and exporting superior quality Indian Marble products at lowest prices. The products are quarried or processed through our most advanced technology and after checking on various parameters we supply to the whole world.

Indian Marble SMNOW flakes

Indian Marble Textures

Indian Marble is a natural stones are used in, handicrafts, building construction (Countertops, Flooring, wall decoration), furniture, and sculpture. We are the manufacturer of Indian Marble Slabs, Indian Marble Tiles, Indian Marble Blocks and other decorative products. We have many varieties of Indian Marble such as Royal Romea, Royal Riviera, Royal Portoro, Royal Phoenix, Royal Fantasy White, Royal Fancy Brown Figrative, Onyx Lady Pink etc.

Indian Marble Textures

We provide Indian Marble in various designs, colors, dimensions and textures. The two major factors are basically see in Marble- first the class of Marble and second is the texture of marble. Textures of marble can be natural or invented manually. We have different textures of Indian Marble such as Natural texture, Honed texture, polished texture, Tumbled texture, Sandblasted texture and Bush hammered texture.

Indian Marble (20)

Indian Marble Textures

Indian Marble Textures are different from each others. Natural texture Indian Marble is found naturally. Polished texture Indian Marble is totally opposite to Honed Texture Marble because of its glossy look. Flamed texture Indian Marble is rough, tumbled texture Indian Marble are perfectly suitable for classic appearance and the brush texture Indian Marble is made by striking action. We have all textures of Indian Marble available in our marble company.

Indian Marble Textures

Village – Jawad, Near – Pipaheda Chunginaka Over Bridge, Rajsamand, NH-8 (Rajasthan, India)

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